Manage configs and commands
Mediation of gendoc configuration file and command line arguments. Also get dub package informations.
struct PackageConfig;
string path;
string name;
string[] files;
string[] options;
string packageVersion;
PackageConfig[] subPackages;
void loadPackage(Dub dub, Package pkg, string archType, string buildType, string configName, string compiler);
void loadPackage(string dir, string archType, string buildType, string configName, ref string compiler);
struct GendocConfig;
Gendoc's configuration data structure
string[] ddocs;
string[] sourceDocs;
string target;
string[] excludePaths;
string[] excludePatterns;
string[] excludePackages;
string[][string] combinedDubPackagePatterns;
{"keyName": ["dub_package_name_regex_pattern1", "dub_package_name_regex_pattern2"]}
string[] excludePackagePatterns;
bool enableGenerateJSON;
void fixPath(string dirPath);
bool loadConfig(string path);
bool loadDefaultConfig(string root);
Load configuration from specifiered path
void setup(string root, string configFile, string[] optDdocs, string[] optSourceDocs, string optTarget);
struct Config;
string compiler;
PackageConfig packageData;
GendocConfig gendocData;
bool singleFile;
bool quiet;
bool varbose;
GetoptResult setup(string[] commandlineArgs);